Sunday, January 31, 2010

Labrador Attacks !!!

So today was a boring day , I did not really do alot today , Since it was a sunday we all just lounged around the house , Mommy gave all of us our dinner around six and thats when it all happened ... We have four doggies in the household , Me , Tinkerbell the chiuhuahua(However you spell that kind of name), Easter the Shit-Zu , And Edward .. The labrador/Pit mix . He is bigger than me , Alot bigger , My ears stand to his lower back and I am 15 weeks old !! Anyways , He is very rough when it comes to playing around , Mommy knew I would be Ok for a second while she went to go get something because I have a hiding spot , Well we just finished eating and I was just sitting , Whatching edward run around .. That's when I had a urge to go to the bathroom , Well , I did not want to go outside with the crazy dog So I peed right there , Boy was I embarrassed .. Mommy came out and she saw what I did .. She was mad , But she said something like, It was her fault .. Then reasurred me and took me outside without the big dog so I could go do my other buisnes , Now I am just resting from playing around with edward , Hope everyone had a great Sunday !!
The toy mommy bought me

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