Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a day !

So today Mommy and I went to petsmart to see what she could get me that was fun and would be challenging to play with , But yet give me some treats as a reward for playing with the toy instead of chewing something I am not suppose to .. We found what we wanted , And we got treats called "Nature's Recipe" Which are delicious , I will post pictures but the lighting is really bad because I am under mommys desk so she can't take a proper picture , Hehe I am such a clever husky . Feeding time is at 6:00 so until then I am just chillin' under mommys desk playing with my toy , I will try and get to the computer everyday and write a post for ya'll , But it's kinda hard , It seems a little weird for a dog to type on the keyboard .. it's hard too !! I will try my best tho . I am gonna go take a nap because it has been raining all day and I can not go run outside , Darn-it !! Oh well , There is always tomorrow ... Hehehehe

1 comment:

  1. Welcome Jacob! I look forward to reading your posts and hope that you will grow up to become a valuable HULA member.